LA BACHETA winery extends along the historical path of Tamburino Sardo that pass through our vineyards and it is connected to the pedestrian path Cammina Custoza, a ring-route of 8 km in the north-weast of the country.

It will be our pleasure to take all the "amateurs" to those excursions.


the love for the terrain and its naturalness


Implantation of the begin 2000's with cultivar of our zone: Corvina, Rondinella, Garganega, wich are more resistant to the various pathology and the less delicate, exactly the type of vite that the organic agriculture needs.

From this good start point we tried to revitalise the ground with adeguate sovesci matched with mowings and tampings of the turf, no compatting the ground with mechanical means. We limited the use of copper with the aid of microorganisms (bacterias) and corroborants of plant origin.

The results? We see them!

The vitality of the vites and of their fortune, the grapes, are directly verifiable. In the wine this bring more minerality and a intriguing drinkability. Others signals of the naturalness of the vineyard are the reappear of typical erbaceous plants of our moreniche hills and, revoke also from troughs and nest-boxes, the presence of insectivorous birds, predators of various types of insects.

The conduct of the underground with mechanical weeding and the fertilization with manure that come from organic farms required a difficult but possible conduct of the production.